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Marketing and growing a home inspection business can be challenging

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The #1 Marketing Secret to Grow Your Home Inspection Business

Dear Home Inspector,

Growing a home inspection business can be difficult and downright challenging for most; especially if you're a new inspector and you're just getting started!

In the primer below, I'm going to outline how you can quickly and easily start getting new home inspection jobs in as little 24-hours from now...

So let's hop to it!

Google has an interesting advertising platform that lets you instantly appear at the top of the search engines for search phrases you choose (and you get to choose the area you appear in too).

For example, if you're a home inspector in Atlanta, Georgia, you can add phrases like these into your account so your website appears above the natural search results:

  • atlanta home inspector near me
  • home inspection marietta georgia
  • 1-year home inspections
  • atlanta home inspector near me
  • home inspection companies near me
  • home inspector prices near me

It'll look something like this:

You get to write the title and description anyway you like, and you can route them to any particular page on your website.

The idea here is this ...

If someone types in the phrase, "atlanta home inspector near me", it's a great indication that person is actively seeking the services of a home inspector.

The goal is to get that person to see your ad by showing up near the top of Google. Once they see your ad, we want them to click it (to go to your website), or get them to click and call you directly from the ad itself.

This works great because if your website does a good job converting, or you're good at closing the deal over the phone, you get customers instantly.

You don't have to wait months or years for SEO to work! 

Your ads can be seen in as little as 30-minutes from the time your ads go live on the Google Ads platform ... This service works extremely great and is a good way to get you exposure immediately.

One of the biggest concerns new inspectors have is breaking into the local market. This gets you in the marketplace immediately. 

As soon as you land a new customer, you now get the opportunity to build a relationship with their real estate agent; which opens the door for you to get more inspections from them (a chief complaint I hear is that it's difficult for the new guy to meet new agents).

This solves that problem immediately ... If you close 15-20 new inspections from Google Ads, that puts you in front of 15-20 new agents immediately.

Wouldn't this be a great benefit for your home inspection business?

How much are home inspectors paying to advertise their home inspection business on Google?

The answer to this great question varies!

Some regions and markets are more competitive than others like New York City, Dallas or Los Angeles, compared too much smaller cities like Cleveland Ohio or Augusta Georgia.

In the example below, I've taken a screen shot from an account we manage in Atlanta, Georgia. This inspector received 12 highly targeted clicks that day at a cos of $2.72 per click, for a total cost of $32.61 (see screen shot below).

The following phrases were the keyword searches that where clicked on:

  • home inspector prices near me
  • home inspector Atlanta
  • home inspectors near me
  • new home inspection before closing
  • licensed home inspector
  • home inspection cost
  • home inspectors Hoschton GA
  • home inspection near me

2 calls were generated from these 12 clicks (some search phrases were clicked on more than once), and the inspector successfully booked an inspection and collected payment over the telephone ($325.00).

*Not only does he land a new client, he now has the opportunity to network and build a new referral source with his buyer's real estate agent!

He also gets a new review from the client to be added to Google (or a video testimonial to be added onto the website).

Are you starting to see how this work?

As with all advertising, it's a numbers game... In the beginning, your cost per click will be slightly higher; but the costs starts to drop when Google rewards you for having quality ads, landing pages, click-thru rates, etc (called Quality Score). 

The better your score, the less you pay for these clicks ... Google's algorithm rewards quality ads and experiences over big companies with big budgets that can outbid you.

Google rather highlight the better ad at the top of the results over the guy with the big pockets.

That's why people higher us to manage their Google Ads campaigns.

It's more to it than just choosing keywords and running people to a landing page.

These landing pages (webpages) must do a great job converting visitors into callers ...

And the Google Ads need to be written in a manner to get the right people to click on the ad and route them to the appropriate landing page (if someone does a search for 'pre-listing inspection', Google wants that click to be routed to a page specifically talking about 'pre-listing inspections'.

Most people mistakenly drive people to their homepage, and then the user must click around to find the content they want (by Google's standards, this is a bad practice and it hurts your score, thus costing you more money per click, while significantly decreasing your exposure on their search platform).

So What Do You Think?

There are many moving parts to making this work, but it's certainly something for you to consider implementing if you're in need of more inspections, or if you're looking to expand your multi-inspector firm into other areas.

Note: Google Ads can yield results within hours of going live. You don't have to wait weeks or moths to start booking home inspections; it's not unusual to start receiving calls the same day your campaigns go live!

We'd love to help you get Google Ads up and running so you can get more home inspection business from the Internet! 

Never worry again about where your next home inspection job will come from! Our home inspection marketing services will help you keep a full inspection schedule!

And if you're only a part-time inspector, these services can finally help you go full-time in the business!

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