I wanna share an actual call one of our inspectors received from an ad we ran on Google Adwords.

As you can see in the graphic below, the call tracking software we use allows us to use special call tracking numbers on the website. With it, we’re able to see EXACTLY which keywords were typed into Google by the prospect.

In the example below, this person went to Google and typed in ‘Richmond Home Inspector’.

That keyword brought up our inspector’s ad … She clicked it and was routed over to his website.

From there, she read the info on his webpage and called ….

By the time a prospect decides to call your phone, the website piece has pretty much sold them already. They’re now just inquiring about price, and as you’ll hear, the conversation is quick and too the point (she’s already sold and don’t need convincing)

Here’s the call from that click (click play)

(You’ll hear some beeps and brief silence throughout as I beep out personal information in the call)

One of the benefits to managing pay per click campaigns and monitoring calls, we’re able to actually hear exactly what potential clients are asking for. We’re able to take that data and create the ultimate website by adding real information that clients want to know.

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of people specifically asking about the ‘quantity’ of photographs that are included with an inspection. This is important to them … So when we go back and update his website (and other inspectors), we’ll highlight this fact on their website and in the ads.

If you’re ready to get started with Google Adwords, reply back to the e-mail I just sent you with your name and number and let’s get going: