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Keyword Research on Computer

Best Home Inspection Keywords for SEO

Best Home Inspection Keywords for SEO

The BIG THREE: Google, Yahoo and Bing routes majority of the traffic on the world wide web … and while social media is a force to be reckoned with, search engines still remain the primary method of choice most online users.

Compared to other methods of getting traffic, search engines provide very specific and targeted results for the person doing a search. And in the case of you, the home inspector, search engines provide very specific and targeted traffic for you — which is why it’s important for you to rank for specific keywords.

If search engines can’t locate your website, or add your content to their databases, you miss out on the opportunity to drive traffic to your home inspection website.

Finding the right home inspection marketing keywords will play a key role in how you rank your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Keywords are important because this is what potential prospects type into the search engines to find a local inspector. And many of the phrases they type in aren’t the most obvious ones you and I first think of; which is why keyword research is very important for your online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) plan

Your City + Home Inspection

Keywords typed in by potential prospects will usually consist of single words and phrases, which often includes the city where they’re located.  For example the keyword “home inspection” is one of the most popular keywords used when potential clients are looking for a local home inspector. These same prospects will often search by geographical location.

So for example “Home Inspection Atlanta”, “Atlanta Home Inspector”, or even “Home Inspection in Atlanta GA”

Choosing the right keywords for your home inspection website is critical for your online marketing and search engine optimization plan and should be done by a qualified internet marketing expert. Choosing not to do this can result in you not showing up for local searches in and around your service area.

These are a few of the main home inspection keywords searchers are using to find a home inspector in your area:

Your City + home inspection Your City + housing inspectors
Your City + house inspector Your City + property inspection
Your City + home inspector Your City + general home inspection
Your City + get a home inspection Your City + home inspection service
Your City + property home inspection Your City + home inspection company
Your City + certified home inspector Your City + licensed home inspector
Your City + new home inspection Your City + certified home inspection
Your City + pre purchase home inspection Your City + building inspector
Your City + real estate home inspection Your City + building inspection
Your City + new house inspection Your City + commercial property inspection
Your City + pre purchase inspection Your City + property inspection services
Your City + affordable home inspections Your City + property inspector
Your City + ashi home inspection Your City + nachi home inspection
Your City + ashi home inspectors Your City + residential home inspections
Your City + fha home inspection Your City + house inspector
Your City + manufactured home inspection Your City + real estate inspection
Your City + condo inspection Your City + home building inspector
Your City + radon inspection Your City + home mold inspection
Your City + property inspectors Your City + home foundation inspection
Your City + house inspection tips Your City + residential inspection
Your City + rental property inspection Your City + housing inspections
Your City + new house inspections Your City + real estate inspector
Your City + home inspection real estate Your City + commercial real estate inspector
Your City + commercial building inspectors

Let the Home Inspection Marketing Experts Handle It!

Don’t leave your keyword research to chance.  Call the home inspector marketing professionals at Inspect Mania.  We specialize in working with home inspectors like you. Together, we can help you build a growing and profitable home inspection company.

Give us a call at 904-541-8027 to discuss a strategy for inspection firm, or simply fill out the FREE telephone consultation form below:

Marketing Tips and Ideas

Marketing Ideas and Tips for Home Inspectors

Marketing Ideas and Tips for Home Inspectors

Home inspection marketing ideas is what comes to mind when inspectors realize business is slow. And if things are a little slow for you, here are a few home inspection marketing ideas to help get your telephone ringing.

 Home Inspector Marketing Tip #1)

If you don’t have your Google+ page and profile setup yet, I’d encourage you to do that. This gives you an opportunity to show up twice on the Google search results page. It’s FREE to set this up for your home inspection business and Google gives you the opportunity to add your company logo, pictures of recent inspections — along with a description, multiple videos and more…. If you don’t have one of these pages setup, you’re missing out big time.

See screen shot below – notice it has over 100,000 views!


It doesn’t cost any money to set this up. The most important thing to remember is to fill out every single field when you setup the account. Most profiles are incomplete and by completing EVERYTHING, you’ll get that extra advantage over your competitor.

Go set up your home inspection business at the Google My Business website.

Home Inspector Marketing Tip #2)

Google Adwords is one of my favorite tools for inspectors. It’s absolutely the fastest and quickest way to get your home inspection business in front of targeted prospects that are actively searching for an inspector.

With Home Inspection SEO, it can take months for your home inspection website to rank on the front pages of the search engines. But with Pay Per Click advertising, your site can show up for local searches in as little as 30-minutes.

Also, keep in mind that Google AdWords isn’t the only game in town. Both Bing and Yahoo has a pay per click program as well. The benefit to that is it’s usually cheaper than the clicks you’ll get charged for on Google.

To get a more in-depth understanding of home pay per click advertising works, watch my Google AdWords for Home Inspectors video.

Don’t be afraid of Google Adwords … it works extremely well and a bunch of home inspectors are winning with it!

Home Inspector Marketing Tip #3)

Track and review analytics data from your website. I’m often surprised and shocked when I discover how few inspectors are tracking visits to their website. If you don’t have Google Analytics on your website, stop and do that now. This software is FREE and it allows you to track the number of visitors coming to your website. It’ll tell you which keywords they used to find you — it’ll tell you how long they stayed on your website, which pages they viewed, how quickly they bounced off your website, etc…

Once you know what’s happening on your home inspector website, then you can do ‘more of’ what’s working.

If you don’t look at this data, you won’t know what to do. For example, I was recently looking at an inspectors analytics not to long ago and discovered he had an 87% bounce rate… For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that 87% of the people who landed on his website, clicked away without exploring other pages. In other words, they landed on the site and left fairly quickly.

An 87% bounce rate typically indicates there’s a serious problem happening somewhere…

– It could be bad quality traffic.
– It could be a poorly designed website.
– Maybe there’s flash on the homepage.
– Perhaps it’s taking long for the page to load up.

It could be a host of things… Which is why it’s important for you to track and analyze what’s going on. The data gives you the opportunity to fix and improve things. It allows you to test and see what’s working and what’s not working.

Data is everything… If you see that most of your visitors are coming from a certain keyword phrase, then you could create more related content. You could create a video with the same content and put on YouTube or Facebook.

You could take the time to go more indepth.

On one of my websites I quickly discovered my audience didn’t like video to0 much… Based on the data, I started writing more content and reports and conversions went up.

I would have never known if I wasn’t tracking results.

If your phone isn’t ringing and inspection sales have went down, take a look at your stats. If you find you’re only getting about 25 visitors to your website each month, then you’ll understand why you’re not getting any phones — and it’s because you don’t have any traffic coming to your inspection website.

I’ll be straight up with you. I’m not a BIG fan of home inspection marketing ideas … and here’s why!

The thing about ‘ideas’ is that we only do them when we think about them — it’s more of a quick fix to a problem that really never goes away. I think what you should be focusing on is home inspection marketing systems — not home inspection marketing ideas.

At least with a ‘system’ in place, it doesn’t work just one time — the system works for us non-stop like a machine.

So whether you’re out doing an inspection, or eating dinner with your family, the marketing system is working on your behalf without you having to put your hands on it. The system continues to bring in a steady flow of targeted leads and prospects into your marketing funnel.

I’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can setup a marketing system to help keep your home inspection schedule full all year long.

Fill out the form below and let’s talk about your future!

Google Update to Affect Home Inspector Websites Worldwide

New Update From Google to Affect Home Inspector Websites Worldwide

With over 60% of Google searches coming from mobile devices, Google is gearing up for major changes to take affect on April 21st.

If your website is mobile friendly, Google will reward you. But come April 21st, if your home inspection website is NOT mobile friendly, you will be PENALIZED.

Play Video Below to Find Out What’s Happening:

If you’re at the top with a non-mobile friendly website, you could lose your rankings and get thrown to the back. Google wants to deliver the best possible experiences for it’s users and they’re essentially saying that your non-friendly mobile website is a nuisance, and they don’t want it listed.

Google has setup a page where you can test to see if your home inspection websites are mobile friendly by Google’s set of criteria (not yours). It’s not enough to be mobile friendly. You want Google to see your site as mobile friendly.

Go here to test yours — if it’s not mobile friendly, contact us today so we can get you compliant:

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re on the right side of this algorithm update.

  1. If you’re using a WordPress, simply updating to the latest theme version may be enough to make your website mobile friendly. Many theme developers are making their themes mobile responsive.
  2. The recommended option for your website is a “mobile responsive” sites or theme… This is where your website automatically resizes to fit within the parameters of the device being used — in other words, your website will automatically adjust/adapt to whatever device you’re using. I’d suggest staying away from that junk that redirects to a crappy mobile  site with a bunch of buttons — it’s tacky and not content friendly for your users.
  3. Contact us for help in fixing this. If you have great rankings, don’t run the risk of getting thrown to the back and losing your positioning. There are going to be a lot of disappointed inspectors after April 21st — don’t be one of them!

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