In the FREE video below, I reveal the strategies our home inspectors are using to get and keep their home inspection schedule full…

Our group of home inspectors have booked millions of dollars worth of home inspections directly from the Internet using websites we’ve built for them. As the Internet continues to evolve, there’s still time for you to capture your fair share of inspections from the Internet too!

Watch & implement a few of the strategies to start seeing results.

If Your Home Inspection Website Doesn’t Convert – You Lose Money!

Once a prospect lands on your site, there are many factors that will determine whether or not he or she will make a decision to use your home inspection firm. 95% of that determination will be based on what you have available on the site itself.

Many of the home inspector web sites online just absolutely suck… I realize it’s probably not the most politically correct thing to say but the truth is the truth. And if you want a steady flow of inspections coming in from the Internet, you better have a website system in place that converts!

Before we talk about price, I think it’s important you take a look at some of these websites so you can see what they look like. Click on any of the links below:

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the websites below were built by us for ‘The Savvy Inspector’. In fact, we built and managed their member websites and marketing campaigns for a period of 6-7 years. Including the design for Home Inspector Startup and Growth, Home Inspection Marketing Center and The Savvy Inspector. All creative work and design is 100% our work. They simply add their name on it to claim as their work.

We’ve come up with and tested a new design that will shatter conversion rates of the ones above. We’ve ran pay per click ads with the new site and the ‘inspection schedule rates’ are through the roof.

We’re phasing out the old designs above for the newer design and setup.

Here’s what you get when you allow us to design your website…

We’ll setup the initial layout and structure of your website, to include setting up the color schemes, creating header graphics and all that fancy stuff…

In other words, all I need you to send me is the content you want to go onto the website (I have a checklist that you can follow and this will help make it easier for you to get us the required information to finish up your site). I’ll tweak your content so it’ll help your website close and book more inspections!

Our usual turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. This is also dependent on how fast you’re able to get content over too us. Ofentimes, you inspectors get busy and I don’t hear back from you for like 2-3 weeks at a time, so our turnaround time is also dependent on how quick you get back to us.

Once we hand the site over too you, you’ll have access to video tutorials that’ll show you how to update and manage your website. You’ll be able to add pictures and videos and you’ll be able to edit and update your own content.

No more waiting or depending on your webmaster to do it…You’ll be able to do all of this on your own; and we’ll show you how!


Alright Already… How Much???

In the past, I took on too many clients and that was a nightmare. This year, I only want to work with a handful of people, and my prices reflect that. If you want a website that sells, then you’re going to have to make the investment.

And yes of course… You can find others to do it for cheap, and that’s fine, feel free to go to them. But if you want a site that sells, I’m the ONLY guy that can make that happen for you…

There’s a couple of copy cats out there that claim their sites can convert as well as my work… That’ll never happen in their wildest dreams. Because their sites don’t convert well, their clients end up coming to me to make it work.

Save yourself the headache and get it done right the first time…

I’ll admit, our prices aren’t the cheapest… And our system isn’t for everyone. But if you want to be the 900 pound gorilla in your marketplace, then we’re the people to get you there…

Before you start “carrying-on” about how you can get it cheaper elsewhere, just hear me out first

  • Cheaper isn’t always a good thing, which probably explains why the vast majority of the inspector sites online don’t generate business.
  • When a person is actively seeking out an inspector online, that means they have not yet made a decision on who to use. This is good for you because chances are, our style of website will most likely be the only one in your marketing area, and our sites have a huge conversion rate!
  • Our sites are the only ones that connect with the dialogue already taking place in the prospects mind when they hit your home inspection website. That means they’ll likely stick around and get educated on your site — which translate into more sales!

Another thing… There are a bunch of website designers out there who brag about getting you to the top of the search engines… That doesn’t mean squat!

You can be on all ten listings on the front page of google, but if your site doesn’t convert those visitors, it really doesn’t matter where you show up… just like the guy who spent $6,000.00 on Google Adwords… he thought he could buy his way to the top, but it didn’t matter. His site did a very poor job of converting the visitor!

Think about this for a minute… this guy spent $6,000.00 to bring a bunch of people to his website. And when they got there, they still didn’t call him.

There was a BIG disconnect when those folks got to his website! They simply clicked off and went to another website and bought from someone else because that inspector was able to connect…

So… being #1 in the engines mean absolutely nothing if you can’t convert them into paying clients, and that’s what we specialize in!

So how much??? Well, our system doesn’t cost anything… It actually puts money in your pocket… It pays you!

I’d love to give you a quote right now, but each inspector’s needs are different… Fill out the form below so we can get an understanding of your needs and we’ll reply back with a customize quote and plan of action specifically for you!

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