Attend the InspectMania Live 2016 Marketing Event



When: Saturday and Sunday, January 9-10 (9 a.m. – 6 p.m., lunch & dinner provided)

Where: 1416 Park Avenue, Suite 202, Amelia Island, FL 32034

Space is limited to 12 inspectorsThis is a hands-on training workshop. Any more than 12 and you won’t be able to get the one-on-one attention required to make this a full day of implementation.

Want to know how to stay busy and keep your home inspection schedule full?

InspectMania is putting together a one-day workshop to reveal a day of secrets on how other inspectors are staying busy … even during the slow winter months.

Imagine a schedule that’s overflowing with homebuyers and sellers that are eager to choose YOUR home inspection firm to conduct their home inspection.

With the right know-how and knowledge, you CAN be fully BOOKED all year long with clients you want!

During this one-day workshop, you’ll learn the latest and hottest strategies that home inspectors across the country are using to bring in a steady and consistent flow of business.

You’ll also get to take a sneak-peek at the marketing tools and resources these fully-booked inspectors are using to get a flood of new business each and every month.

Here’s some of what you’ll be doing at the LIVE workshop…

How to Setup a Website That Book Home Inspections:

During this workshop, you’re going to follow along as you build your own high-converting website. I’ve built hundreds of home inspection websites that have generated millions of dollars for home inspectors. You will walk out of this workshop with a fully functional website.

9-Step Bulletproof Google AdWords Setup:

What good is a website with no traffic? At this hands-on workshop, you’ll discover how to properly setup your GoogleAdwords account the right way for optimal results … You’ll start getting traffic before you walk out the door. If you think you’ve got Google AdWords figured out, you’re WRONG … Millions of dollars per day are wasted on campaigns that are incorrectly setup, and much of that has to do with a poorly created website …. we’re going to fix that!

Home Inspection SEO Secrets Revealed:

Once your website is setup, I’m going to layout the blueprint for you to follow along to make your website SEO friendly for Google, Yahoo and Bing … Our inspectors consistently rank at the top of the search engines and you will too!

Facebook Stealth Real Estate Referral System:

I’m going to show you a new ‘super-ninja’ trick using Facebook to get your marketing message in front of thousands of local real estate agents for practically FREE … This technique will have agents begging you to inspect their client’s properties. We’ll also show you how to use this technique to stay in front of your customers so you’ll benefit from referrals.

Total Investment to Attend: $1,995.00



$1,995.00 is a steal … our website packages alone start at $1,995.00. In addition to what you’ll be learning, check out all of the FREE bonuses you’ll qualify for…

BONUS #1) FREE Video for Your Website

While you’re here, we’ll take you into the back where our recording studio is and we’ll shoot a few clips that’ll be edited by our team and placed onto your website. You’re limited to 3 video clips where you can talk about your services.

BONUS #2) FREE Setup for Yahoo and Bing Pay Per Click

There won’t be enough time to setup Yahoo and Bing at the workshop … After the event is over, our staff will follow-up with you to schedule a session so our team can get these accounts setup for you for free. Many people leave Yahoo and Bing out of the equation for Google. What they don’t realize is the quality of traffic is just as good and much cheaper than Google. Your competitors are not using these two search engines — that’s extra inspections for you!

BONUS #3) FREE Customized Facebook Business Page

Facebook doesn’t allow you to use your personal page for business related stuff. After the event, our staff will connect with you to create a customized Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make the event. What are my options?

The event will be recorded and available for sale for a limited time.

I don’t have a big marketing budget. Should I attend the event?

Many of the strategies you’ll learn will cost very little to implement. There will also be strategies that you may want to follow that will require an investment.

I’ve been an inspector for several years. Should I attend?

For those of you who consider yourselves advanced, I can guarantee you’ll learn new strategies that’ll increase your average sales, attract more clients, and position yourselves as the brand leader in your marketplace.

I’m new inspector. Should I attend?

If you are just beginning, this event will walk you through everything from building a marketing system to strategies and tactics for making more money and building your home inspection business.

Total Investment to Attend: $1,995.00