Google Update to Affect Home Inspector Websites Worldwide 

By  Carl Ross

With over 60% of Google searches coming from mobile devices, Google is gearing up for major changes to take affect on April 21st.

If your website is mobile friendly, Google will reward you. But come April 21st, if your home inspection website is NOT mobile friendly, you will be PENALIZED.

Play Video Below to Find Out What’s Happening:

If you’re at the top with a non-mobile friendly website, you could lose your rankings and get thrown to the back. Google wants to deliver the best possible experiences for it’s users and they’re essentially saying that your non-friendly mobile website is a nuisance, and they don’t want it listed.

Google has setup a page where you can test to see if your home inspection websites are mobile friendly by Google’s set of criteria (not yours). It’s not enough to be mobile friendly. You want Google to see your site as mobile friendly.

Go here to test yours — if it’s not mobile friendly, contact us today so we can get you compliant:


Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re on the right side of this algorithm update.

  1. If you’re using a WordPress, simply updating to the latest theme version may be enough to make your website mobile friendly. Many theme developers are making their themes mobile responsive.
  2. The recommended option for your website is a “mobile responsive” sites or theme… This is where your website automatically resizes to fit within the parameters of the device being used — in other words, your website will automatically adjust/adapt to whatever device you’re using. I’d suggest staying away from that junk that redirects to a crappy mobile  site with a bunch of buttons — it’s tacky and not content friendly for your users.
  3. Contact us for help in fixing this. If you have great rankings, don’t run the risk of getting thrown to the back and losing your positioning. There are going to be a lot of disappointed inspectors after April 21st — don’t be one of them!

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