Get Instant Home Inspections When You Exploit Google Adwords 

By  Carl Ross

If your home inspection website needs targeted traffic, then Google Adwords is the best, and the fastest way to start getting it. Watch the FREE video below and learn the secrets behind making Google Adwords work for your home inspection business!


Need Help Setting Up Your Campaigns?

Recent reports indicate that over 80% of live Google Adwords campaigns waste and lose money each month.

Many of these campaigns are setup and ran by inspectors who don’t know what they’re doing — and not only is that causing you to lose money; it’s also making you miss out on a bunch of inspections that are now going to your competitors.

We’ve been using Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click search engines to book lots of inspections for our inspectors.

If you’re not consistently…

  • tracking your campaigns with analytics software
  • testing and tweaking ad copy (headlines & descriptions)
  • using or updating negative keywords
  • splitting up keyword phrases into ad groups
  • using difference campaign settings
  • routing visitors to different landing pages
  • increasing your quality scores
  • using site links in your ads

Then you’re probably already way in over your head…

Let Inspect Mania perform a FREE audit of your Google Adwords account. We can show you all of the places you could be saving money, while also revealing how you could be getting more conversions at a much lower cost — thus skyrocketing your ROI.

We can help you…

  • Decrease your cost per click
  • Increase your click-thru rate
  • Improve your quality score
  • Decrease your cost per conversion
  • And get you a bunch more inspections

Ready to Get More Home Inspections?

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