Online Marketing for Home Inspectors BookMany home inspectors struggle because they haven’t mastered the one process that can virtually assure them of all the home inspection sales they can handle — lead generation!

A majority of the home inspection schools don’t talk much about marketing — and many students come out with the false sense that they’ll be swamped with business.

But when the phones don’t ring, and when there are very little-to-no inquiries coming in from their website, the realization quickly sinks in that they’d better figure something out quick.

This guide will help you get on track!

The old ways of getting business is a recipe for disaster. Customers are more savvy now and they like to conduct their own research and read reviews before hiring an inspector.

If your home inspection business can’t be found online, you’re doomed before you even start! If your website repels visitors away — you’re doomed. It’s time to change and upgrade your marketing for the new digital age!

But what about the home inspectors that are dominating their local market … the ones getting all of the home inspections???

  • How are they getting all of the business?
  • How are they ranking on the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN?
  • How are they getting all of the phone calls?
  • How are they charging two to three times more than other inspectors?

It’s true! There are a handful of inspectors in your area bringing in all of the cash … and they’re staying busy too.

You see, these are the inspectors that are willingly — and happy to spend money on their marketing and advertising to cost-effectively generate a large and consistent volume of qualified leads. Most inspectors try and find a way NOT to spend marketing and advertising dollars.

But the inspectors that are actively marketing, promoting, and building their business are often overwhelmed with inquiries, appointments, business, sales and new customers.

These are the inspectors that will never fret about finicky customers, competition for new business, bad economic times, rejection, or up-and-down business cycles. You see, when you have more leads than you can handle, your revenues stay high, without the up-and-down fluctuations that keep other inspectors up at night!

The inspector who doesn’t understand or know the secrets of lead generation is doomed to sit by the phone hoping for it to ring, unable to achieve lasting success or security. Sure, referrals and word of mouth are great forms of advertising. But what happens when they don’t produce enough business to keep your home inspection schedule full?

The Home Inspector’s Online Marketing Handbook

I wrote this quick-start guide to help home inspectors master simple online marketing techniques that can bring you all the leads you want — when you want them.

These lead-generating techniques range from SEO strategies for ranking locally in your area on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing — to article and content marketing, social media and video marketing, map listings and submission into directories like Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, along with my secret techniques for optimizing your home inspection website to convert and automatically nurture leads and visitors that land on your website!

Our guide (a $79 value) shows you how to position your home inspection firm to get a steady flow of new leads and business, while showing you how to DOMINATE your local competitors.

This is your comprehensive road map to help you fill up your home inspection schedule.

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