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Home inspectors in Georgia are only required to perform visual inspections (whatever the human eyes can see). Inspectors don't tear down walls to see what's behind them, and they don't pull up floors to see what's underneath.

How can they know if there's a problem or not? They can't!

Look at the recent thermal scan we did on a property. Can you really tell if that part of the wall is insulated or not just by looking at it?

No you cannot!

Hi. I'm Keith Murphy. Our goal is to complete your inspection thoroughly and deliver the inspection report as soon as possible. 

Every home we inspect gets a FREE infrared thermal scan. This scan can reveal issues in a home that aren't visible to the naked eye, such as areas of heat loss, air-conditioner leaks, areas causing energy loss, plumbing and roof issues, electrical problems and pest infestation.

Each inspection also includes a Free RecallChek© service, which looks for recalls on all the home appliances, water heaters, and HVAC systems and a 90 Days Warranty Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty.

Avoid Unexpected Surprises & Expensive Repairs

Infrared Superior Home Inspections

From the foundation to the roof, we inspect all major parts of the property.  You get a digital inspection report that's packed with color photographs, detailed reporting and summaries that gives you an unbiased evaluation.

We'll let you know which appliances or systems need repairs, and an estimate of when they're likely to go bad.

*Drone Service: One of few inspectors using a drone to get precise views of what's happening on your roof & chimney!



  • Site Analysis
  • Grading Assessment
  • Foundation Evaluation (crawlspace fees may apply)
  • Drainage and Waterproofing of Foundation
  • Under Floor Assessment (crawlspace fees will apply)
  • Lot Drainage
  • Subflooring (crawlspace fees may apply)


  • Framing Integrity
  • Wall Structure
  • Interior Wall Inspection
  • Roof Wear and Viability
  • Roof Structure Analysis
  • Roof Water Control
  • Flashing Evaluation
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Windows
  • Insulation


  • Appliances
  • Gas Lines
  • Water to Property
  • Water Pressure
  • Heating
  • Electrical Power Distribution
  • Electrical Safety Inspection
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fireplace
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Bathroom Plumbing

Why Choose Us...

  • We inspect the property's exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical, heating, central air conditioning, roofing, attic and structure.
  • We offer convenient and flexible scheduling (including weekend inspections)
  • Digital delivery of your home inspection report within 24-hours (with many color images and summaries)
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    Free 90-Day Warranty coverage for structural & mechanical items inspected & found to be in good working order
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    FREE Platinum Roof Protection Plan: Avoid unforeseen expenditures from future roof leaks in areas inspected
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    FREE SewerGard: Up to $4,000 of coverage. Now free when you book your inspection today.
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    FREE RecallChek: We'll check the appliances against our RecallChek database. We'll notify you of any recalls, including how to get the manufacturer to repair it.

*Includes a FREE Infrared Thermal Scan with your inspection ($295 value) when you schedule today!

Infrared Thermal Scan

Infrared scans behind walls and ceilings to see what's going on. It also identifies missing insulation; it locates moisture from plumbing and roof leaks too, which could cause mold. These critical findings aren't visible during traditional visual inspections. But we SCAN the property for FREE with your inspection!

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Here's what some of our clients say about how our inspection services:

"You have enabled me to walk away from making a disastrous purchase."

I am so pleased that I was recommended by a realtor to contact you for advice.

On the face of it, my chosen property looked a good buy. However, following your detailed survey the expected cost to put it right proved it was not. It is said that your home is your biggest purchase in life and a holiday home must be a close second.

I will not hesitate to contact you again when I find another property worthy of consideration.

Dr. Taylor

"I can not believe all the places you checked and how thorough you were."

You have certainly made the prospect of buying a repossessed property much less daunting and what’s more I know exactly what to tell the renovator. 

I sincerely appreciate your superb service and will certainly recommend that all family and friends contact you if and when they purchase a property.

One very happy customer.

Phillip Rodrigeus

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