Common Screw-ups Home Inspectors Make with Google Adwords

One of the benefit of managing Google Adwords for inspectors, is that I get to see what their accounts look like before we clean them up.

And I must say, most of the accounts are jacked up royally.

I wanna share one big mistake most make, and that’s not using the proper match type.

Let me explain with an example first.

Since Google Adwords allow you to choose the keywords you want to rank for, most will choose the obvious one like:

  • home inspection

And when they add this keyword into their account, they add it just like it’s shown above (this is known as ‘Broad Match’)

Broad match allows you the opportunity to reach the widest possible audience. With BROAD MATCH, your ads are eligible to show anytime someone uses your word in a search, and in any order. Also, Google will show your ad with various words that don’t necessarily match the phrase you used.

For example, ‘Home Inspection’ will show your ad when someone searches for anyone of the following:

  • home inspection school
  • home inspector training
  • how to become a home inspector
  • how to start a home inspection business
  • home inspection software
  • home inspection tools
  • home inspection atlanta
  • home inspection license
  • smith’s home inspection services
  • wilson’s home inspection services
  • all safety home inspection

The problem with your ads appearing with these searches is the fact that these are irrelevant searches, and when people click your ads, they cost you a bunch of money.

In other words, it’s a wasted click that shows no intent of the clicker taking action.

This is the COMMON mistake i see with new and old accounts.

With Google Adwords, there are different match types for search.

  • Broad Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match

I’ve included a video below that gives you a great explanation on how to immediately implement this in your Google Adwords campaigns:

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So … What did you think of this video?

Do you see how these changes can make a difference to your Google Adwords campaigns?

I charge a $195 fee to review your adwords account and give you recommendations on how to best tweak it for optimal performance — You’ll generally see conversion rates go up, and your costs come way down.

We can also setup and manage your account to get you more home inspections booked.

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