I’m Going to Show You How to Build and Design Your Own Home Inspection Website So You Can Book More Inspections From Local People Looking for an Inspector in Your City

Last year, our group of home inspectors booked over $500,000.00 worth of home inspections from the Internet using the websites we built for them. This year, I’m going to teach you how to build your own 24 hour marketing website to book more home inspections for you!

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Introducing Inspect Mania’s, “How to Build Your Own Home Inspection Website to Book More Home Inspections” Online Course

If you’d like to use the Internet to book and close more home inspections, then this course is for you. You’ll learn how to easily build your own home inspection website in as little as 7 days. In addition to that, I’ll also teach you the strategies that’ll allow you to become the 900 pound gorilla on the Internet in your local market… I got proof for you further down the page!

Take a look at all the modules and step-by-step training you’ll have access to when you join the program.

How to Choose & Buy a Dot-Com Name Web Hosting 101 Setting Up Your E-mail
Control Panel Overview Setting Up WordPress Wordpress Overview
Buying WordPress Themes Installing Your WordPress Template Getting Your Theme Customized

“How to” Training Modules for Using Your Website

All of the modules listed above will only have to be done once… and quite frankly, it’s a pretty quick and painless process that could be done over the weekend. The modules listed below will show you how to use the content management system of WordPress to add content, photographs, vidoes, and more to the website.

How to Create a New Page Setting Up Categories Creating a New Post
Adding Photographs How to Add a PDF File How to Make a Link
How to Add Website Videos How to Add WordPress Plugins How to Backup WordPress

Making Your Home Inspection Website a 24-Hour Selling Machine

Now that you know how to add pages and add content to your website, now it’s time to discover all the strategies you’ll need to make this website of yours sell and convert like crazy. The content is what’s going to determine whether people will hire your firm and it’s extremely important we get this part right.

I’m the BEST when it comes to making home inspection websites convert like crazy — there is none equal 🙂

Making Your Website Convert Making Videos From Your Home Inspection Photos Adding Videos From Recent Home Inspections
Video Testimonials Use Video to Explain Your Home Inspection Report Offering Free Reports on Your Website


You can have a fully functional home inspection website that completely sells your home inspection services 24/7… Even while you’re sleeping or out performing home inspections!

I’ve priced this course and made it affordable for anyone wanting to get started… You can have a fully functional website built and completed by the end of the upcoming weekend. Don’t delay, get in now while the price is GREAT!


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