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"Let me show you how to get your business to the top of all the search engines!

Follow the Same SEO Process We Use For Our Clients and Get Ranked! 

We've built and managed hundreds of home inspection websites. I know firsthand what it takes to get them to the top and ranked. Don't take my word for it -- see the proof for yourself below.

In our Home Inspector SEO training course, I've outlined the exact same processes we do for our clients that are paying us hundreds of dollars per month to do and manage for them.

My philosophy on search engine optimization is a simple one that's worked well for us... "Feed the search engines what they need and your website gets indexed, ranked and showing up when prospects come searching for your inspection services."

Deep in the back-pages of Google, they tell you exactly what to do, but unfortunately, in an effort to get quick results, most inspectors knowingly (or unknowingly) violate the rules and do things that keep them from ranking. 

However, there are a bunch of things you can do to stack the odds in your favor to ensure a front page ranking. 

Legally Spy on the "Top Ranking" Inspectors in Your Area - And Use Their Data to Get to the Top!

We utilize software that allow us to go into any city and see who the top ranking inspectors are. In addition, the software will also save us a bunch of time in determining which keywords they're ranking for -- and which ones are generating the most traffic. 

Each town, city, province or borough use different keyword phrases. This is determined by the way people from each region performs a search. With this tool, we don't have to figure out which words or phrases to use, the software spits it out to us.

Backlinks, (which are other websites that have a link pointing back to your website), play a very important role in how well your home inspection website will rank -- up to 80%.

This software will pull up all of the websites that are linking to the top ranking inspector sites in your area so you can get your website listed on many of those places too... This has a dramatic effect on how high and how quickly you'll rank.

In our training, I tell you which software to get so you can pull this data as well... As an agency, it's a must-have software to keep us on top of what the competition is doing.

Know at the click of a button which keywords to use.

Model what the top ranking inspectors are doing.

And watch your website move up the ranks!

Avoid the BIG Mistake of Not Being on the Major Social Media Networks

Social media is BIG. If your home inspection business is not active on social media, or worse, not present and engaged, this could cause you to lose BIG. 

This young generation of home buyers rely on 'social media' and 'social proof'. Before these 'young kats' make a decision on which inspector they'll use, they'll turn to your social media profiles like Google+ and Facebook to see what's happening.

If they get to your Facebook page and see that you're not active and current, they will deem you 'irrelevant'. This generation of young homebuyers live on social media and this is how they determine whose relevant and whose not.

Don't let outdated content and an inactive social media presence keep you out - I'll reveal a way you can automate a bunch of this stuff and even get someone to do it for you for cheap. 

At a minimum, you must be on these 2 major social networks...

  • GOOGLE+ While Google hasn't gained the traction it would like to have compared to their competitors Facebook and Twitter, it's still important you're present on their network to help drive your rankings from an SEO perspective.
  • FACEBOOK. These young families will check out your Facebook page and they will quickly determine if you're 'relevant or not. If used properly, Facebook opens up the opportunity for you to gain more exposure for your home inspection business from clients who are happy with your services...

Getting to the Top of Google, Yahoo & Bing Can Get YOU More Inspections

So... If you're in need of more inspections each week and your website isn't ranking, we can show you how to 'SEO Your Home Inspection Website to the Top of Google, Yahoo and Bing... 

I'll show you how to rank your website for multiple keywords so you can have a consistent flow of targeted traffic coming your way each and everyday. If you can't afford to pay agencies like ours hundreds of dollars each month to get you ranked, this is the next best alternative.

Do Your Own SEO and Save BIG.

I'm going to layout a step-by-step plan you can easily follow to win BIG on the major search engines. If you don't have the time to do it, your spouse or teenage children can simply sit-back and watch the videos and do it for you. As you start to gain traction and make your way to the front and earn more revenue, we're more than glad to take-over and manage your SEO and online marketing.

Now it's Finally Time for You to Try - Home Inspector SEO

Home Inspector SEO is the Perfect Resolution for ranking your website.

I've put together a step-by-step video course that takes you through the process for getting your home inspection website ranked on all the major search engines. Get access to over 2-hours (with more being added) of on-demand training to watch at your leisure. 

  1. Simple to Understand Training: I explain everything and show actual examples to make it easier to understand and implement. Work at your own pace.
  2. Access Quick-Start Cheat Sheets: Don't have time to watch all of the videos? Use the cheat sheets as a guide to quickly get started -- or simply hand-off to your webmaster to make the changes.
  3. 24/7 Online Support: If you get stuck or have questions, you'll be able to reach us via our 24/7 online support. Each training section is moderated and you can get support when you need it.

See what some of our customers have to say:

"We Rank Top in GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING for All My Keywords..."

"We have scheduled over $40,000 in home inspections from the website and we rank top in GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING for all my SEO keywords, including Myrtle Beach Home Inspection and Myrtle Beach Home Inspector. Thank you for your services."

Shane boyd Home Inspector

"If You Want a Website That Makes You Money ... Give Carl a Call!"

"Carl is extremely knowledgeable on how to create direct marketing web sites that produce results. If you want a web site that makes you money instead of just looking pretty, you need to give Carl a call! He does Great work and his staff is great also."

Joe Smaltz Mr. Home Inspector

"Carl Ross ... You Are Our Superhero."

"Our website is awesome!!! Carl Ross, you are our superhero."

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If you decide you don't like my course within the first 30-days,
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If You're Not on the Front Page of the Search Engines, You're the LOSER!

A report I read on Moz estimates that page one of Google receives 71.33% of the clicks. Page two and three will only get 5.59% of the clicks from searchers. And did you know that the first 5 listings on page one account for 67.60% of all the clicks?

There's no way around this
-- you must get your business to the front pages of all the major search engines if you wish to compete.

If you're not on the first page -- you lose!​

The only remedy to fix this solution is to either hire an agency to do this for you -- or do it yourself. Agencies like ours charge anywhere from $500-$1,500 per month to do this. I realize most inspectors can't afford this, particularly start-ups. This course is your solution to getting to the front page of Google, Yahoo and BING without going broke.

Do As I Teach and You Will Get to the Front Pages

I want to set some expectations. I always tell our clients it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to see the benefits from an SEO program. There's no way around it -- this process takes time. I sell no magic pills and overnight solutions.

If you follow along and do the work consistently over the next 3-6 months, you will move up the ranks. One thing is certain though; the next 3-6 months will come whether you do this or not. If you're not happy with your rankings and the number of phone calls and leads coming in, you better take this opportunity to fix it. As time goes by, it only gets more difficult to rank as local competitors continue to come into your marketplace.

Start Your No Risk 30-day trial!

If you decide you don't like my course within the first 30-days,
simply send us an e-mail letting us know and I'll gladly refund your money.

P.S.: Sooner or later, you must get this done if you expect a chance to compete. Waiting only makes it more difficult for you in the future to rank. As competition gets fierce, your costs to remedy this problem will only increase. Invest your time in fixing this now and start reaping the rewards of traffic and telephone calls from prospects wanting to hire your home inspection company.